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There is no other country for fishing adventures quite like India. The mighty rivers that emerge from the glaciers high in the Himalayas support a vast array of fish and wildlife. 

From indigenous fish like the Golden Mahseer , Goonch and catfish to the famous Brown and Rainbow Trout introduced a hundred years ago, there is always a worthy quarry lurking in the varied and powerful waters.

We specialise in providing guided fishing trips to many of these rivers and offer a unique blend of western and Indian influences to ensure the memories of your adventure will last a lifetime. 

India can be exasperating at times yet she possesses a colour, friendliness and vibrancy which makes exploring her so rewarding. 

In this brochure are set out a number of programmes and activities which offer maximum pleasure and enjoyment to those people who want to visit the Himalayas and to experience the same sense of adventure and awe inspiring beauty which drew the early explorers. 

We look forward to meeting you and taking you on an exciting adventure...

Chandertal Tours

Sussex based Chandertal Tours is one of a new breed of travel operators who specialise in selected destinations and do everything possible to ensure you get the best out of your holiday. The staff of Chandertal Tours have studied and lived in India until it is as familiar as home, and can help you select the programme that will best please you. We design special tours for individuals and groups and are always available to advise on travel plans to India. Chandertal Tours was formed in 1985 and now concentrates on organising the non-Himalayan tours

Himalayan Folkways

Himalayan Folkways is based in Manali at the head of the beautiful Kullu Valley. A unique blend of local and foreign staff ensure an entertaining and thoroughly professional tour through sometimes difficult terrain. Over the years our staff have earned a good reputation for hard work, innovation and reliability. Our knowledge of the customs, culture and religions of these mountain areas is unbeatable. Himalayan Folkways evolved from Chandertal Tours and is now entrusted by several European and Indian companies with their clients.

Chandertal Tours & Himalayan Folkways

We are interlinked as companies. All our senior staff have trained in both the mountains and in the other areas of India. When you book a holiday with us you can be sure that our extensive knowledge and experience of India will enhance your enjoyment of this wonderful country.


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